What I love about running!

It’s indeed a difficult question for me to answer what I love about running.

Not because I don’t love it, but because it has become such an integral part of my life. It’s like asking what you love about breathing. Breathing is so integral to our existence!

I could break it down into few simple statements like, running is a great way to push past my limits. It’s another great way to test my mental grit and physical endurance. I also like the thrill I experience, when every inch of my body is aching and I have to cajole my mind to pour every ounce of energy to touch the finish line. May be the tears of joy coming out to endorse my unwillingness to give up are another reasons for me to love running.

It’s not medals or certificates that keep us glued to a sport, so mundane and primitive in nature. Running bestows on us with the taste of freedom, something very rare in our society. And who doesn’t like being free from shackles of the society? It’s just you, a pair of worn-out running shoes and nature in its most raw form. You may run solo (soul run) or you may grab a friend, and soar in the sunshine!

For me, running is a form of moving meditation – it’s my time during each day to really get away from it all and be with my thoughts. There’s nothing I love more than thumping slowly pre-dawn and watching the sunrise from a trail or from the calm side of a lake. Running is the one activity that’s physically exhausting but mentally and emotionally recharging. Every run presents a new challenge, a new opportunity to push myself, and a new time to reflect on everything else going on.

In my life, there’s nothing else quite like it. Simply put, it’s my sanity.

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